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A range of biologically active products aimed at rectifying soil health. These unique products are based on sapropel and peat. Peat is formed on the surface of marshes, enabling aerobic decomposition of organic substances, whilst sapropel or lake silt, is the bottom sediment of fresh water lakes formed under anaerobic conditions. Effect of BioDeposit

Benefits of Sapropel:

  • Contains no weeds
  • No pathogenic micro flora
  • Rich in micro-organisms that are good for your soil
  • Effects are seen immediately
  • Anti-leaching effect
  • Rich in humic acid

Trial Reports
BioDeposit® Agro and Elixir has been tested internationally and locally on various applications.
The product was tested at the Greenhouse Trial and Research Centre in Johannesburg. The efficacy of both BioDeposit® Agro and Elixir was tested on the growth of maize. The two were tested separately and compared to a control. A leaf analysis and biomass production compared the effect each product on plant growth.

The results showed:

  • BioDeposit® Agro increases uptake of macro elements as well as micronutrients including zinc, molybdenum and boron
  • BioDeposit® Elixir significantly increases uptake of N,P and K
  • BioDeposit® Agro and BioDeposit® Elixir have a significant positive effect on biomass production.


Download the full reports below:

  • Effect of BioDeposit: Download PDFDOWNLOAD PDF

  • Control test using stratification method to show the benefits of using BioDeposit Agro and BioDeposit Elixir in crop seed germination: